Tuesday, February 2, 2010

# 17 Bridge Damaged

On Friday, January 14th, the Greens Department continued the winter tree pruning to remove dead and overhaning branches from around the golf course.

While in transport from #18 to #12 tee complex, the lift broke through the deck on the bridge over the creek on #17. Fortunately, no one was hurt and there is only minimal damage to the lift itself. However, the bridge was badly damaged.

Two crane, tow trucks had to be used to free the lift from the creek.

After the lift was removed and the bridge was inspected, it was deemed too dangerous to repair the current bridge even for temporary use. Since the accident three bridge contracting companies have come out to design a new bridge to cross #17 creek. Bids were due by February 1st and we hope to start construction early in February, as long as Mother Nature doesn't have other plans.

All 18 holes have remained open except for snow cover since the accident. The Greens Department is committeed to providing our membership with a safe, new bridge well before the season starts. We ask that after playing #17 golfers carefully turn around and drive backward through #11 and #10 to access #18. We appreciate your patience.