Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Cart Path Exit Regulations

Our goal is to provide an easy reference point for golfers to know to exit the fairway and improve safety by eliminating many ropes on the course. This system is more visual; however, we must rely on all golfers to follow these regulations to insure peak playability.

Ropes on the ground have been added to mark the exit point for golf carts on the fairway. Exit signs can be found on either side of the fairway too.
Please do not drive beyond, through, or around white stakes. Carts approaching the stakes should exit the fairway at that point.

Follow the rope and signs to the fairway exit point. Then drive around stake nearest the path.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Improvements and Enhancements

The finished look here on hole #12 shows what the new sand does for the contrast of color between turf and sand. It definitely has changed the overall appearance of the green complex.
New bunker sand has been added to greenside bunkers on the back nine. Playability will be an issue at first, but the sand will compact with time and weather.

Three newly planted trees to the left of the blue/white tee on #16 will give the tee shot from the back tee more character and separation from surrounding holes.

Trees were planted to the left of 13 tee to develop a tree line that will separate holes #13 and #16 in the years to come. The trees that separate the holes now are continuing to age, become diseased, and die. When those trees are removed in the coming years, the newly planted trees will become the new tree line.