Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Increasing Airflow and Aesthetics

The week of January 17Th through January 22Nd was a busy time for the maintenance department. The task of limbing trees in order to raise the canopy so that air flow can be increased to turf in the fairways was the goal. We targeted the holes with the thickest tree lines by using a 45' lift to remove lower limbs on mature Oak, Beech, and Poplar trees. The limbs that were removed, were readily put through a 12" chipper for easy cleanup. The amount of work that was completed in such a short time, could have not happened without the help of Todd Bonehman and his crew from Tebco.

The right side of #2 has a much higher canopy now, which will definitely aid in maintaining better turf conditions in areas of the fairway that have struggled during summer stress in the past. To the golfer, he or she will recognize it may be easier to sneak a shot through the trees to accomodate the dogleg.

This picture shows the view from the back tee on #7. Notice that the opening to the fairway is much wider, the entire fairway bunker on the left can be seen from the tee now. The limbing of the trees on the left corner of the creek will allow us to use the left side of the middle tee box, while eliminating the "must hit" right to left shot.

This picture shows the view from the tee on #8. All trees on the right side from behind 7 green to the dogleg corner at the fairway of #8 had all lower branches removed.
The right side of #11 had the most dramatic change in scenery of any hole on the course. The large trees had all lower branches removed, and all underbrush was removed from the tree line to the creek a long the right side. There is easily 10 to 15 yards of rough area in play now, the hazard line along the right side was drastically pushed back. The turf in the fairway and the errant shots on this hole, will reap the benefits from a lot of hard work during cold January weather.

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  1. It's important to trim the trees in a golf course, as this helps maintain the flow of air throughout. It also lends a touch of beauty to the course.